Ground Breakings Have Begun!

While we’ve already been planting in our yards from last year, it is time to get the new yards de-sodded, double dug and planted for this year!

Over Easter weekend, we held our first of 3 ground-breaking events. With our 3 new Lawrence yards now dug and ready to be planted, we are excited to get our yards in the Riverdale Hub and Wychwood Hubs prepped. Next weekend (April 30/May 1), we will be heading over to the east end, where we will be removing the sod from a front yard and a backyard. The weekend after (May 7th/8th), we’ll be tackling the new Wychwood gardens.

If you are interested in learning how to prep your garden for planting, want to meet cool people, and/or want to buff-up your biceps, join us for a day or the weekend! Contact for details.

Hard work, but lot's of fun!