Fall Garden Update

Thanks to an outstanding effort from our staff and volunteers, the garlic is finally in!

Last weekend, there was a major garden hoe-down at the Wychwood and Riverdale hubs and we achieved a big step for end-od-season cleaning, and a giant step 2012 season preparation.

With a few pairs of helping hands, we got nearly 500 cloves planted snuggly into the ground. Spread across a number of beds, the garlic is now ready to start growing roots, ready for the next growing season. In order to ensure the little cloves had a healthy chance of survival, we cut up the old garden waste and laid that on top of the garlic beds as a blanket to keep them warm.

For you garlic home-growers, feel free to use those pesky leaves that keep falling onto your freshly raked lawn. Just mulch them up and spread them over your garlic beds. A word of caution, however, be sure that you don’t spread the leaf mulch too thick, or you’ll have a papier mache wall between your growing garlic and the sun!

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