Young Urban Farmers CSA is now Cultivate Toronto!

Young Urban Farmers CSA is Changing Our Name! We’re Now Cultivating Toronto One Garden at a Time

Today marks the dawning of a new age…well, that might be a little dramatic, but, the Young Urban Farmers Community Shared Agriculture (YUF CSA) did make a big announcement today. We are changing our name!

We are making the change from YUF CSA to Cultivate Toronto because we feel it better represents our growing organization and vision. Cultivate Toronto (or, CultivateTO, as we have already affectionately abbreviated it), is the same team of passionate farmers, strategists, and business people – just with a further refined mandate for an organization that is growing as fast as our fresh fare. At our foundation, CultivateTO is still a CSA, transforming backyards in the Wychwood, Riverdale and Dovercourt areas into vegetable gardens. We are still helping neighbourhoods come together and learn more about sustainable urban farming and local, organic produce.

And so, our group that began as YUF CSA, recognized that our organization has out grown its youthful role as a CSA. Now heading into our third growing season, “CultivateTO” is also fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the benefits of growing urban gardens through workshops and tutorials on topics like canning and sustainable growing. The plan is to do more than just morph yards into fruitful gardens, but to transform the general thinking about how we grow, shop, and eat produce in an urban setting.

Of course, our original passion for healthy living, local organic produce and sustainable growing is still our primary mandate. But, under the new title of CultivateTO, we are driven to ignite a new renaissance in responsible urban living by bringing neighbours together to participate in giving a little, and getting a lot.

Cultivate Toronto looks forward to a successful year of continuing to “cultivating the way we approach healthy living.”