CultivateTO Wants You! Become a Shareholder for 2012


The growing season is upon us and we are gearing up for a fantastic season of fun in the gardens, educational workshops and some delicious harvests!

We still have a few spaces for shareholders available for 2012 and we think you’d really like it!

Our shareholder program is pretty straightforward: We grow the tasty, fresh, organic produce, you invest in us, and we have it ready for you to pick up at a nearby location at the same time each week!

There’s a bit more to it, but basically, becoming a CultivateTO Shareholder ensures you eat delicious fresh food all season long, give back to the environment, and have the opportunity to get involved in more community events and urban agriculture educational sessions.

If you’re interested, and you really should be, click here and learn more about it. Or, contact us directly by emailing or

We can’t wait to hear from you and have you grow with us!