We Need You To Help Spread the Word!


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Spring is soon upon us and Cultivate Toronto is kicking into high gear!  We’re preparing for a great harvest season but first, we need your help spreading the word and ‘planting a few seeds’ among your friends. Know anyone who fits the following description?

  • Foodies, passionate about fresh produce and heirloom verities
  • Urbanites into sustainable living and their community
  • Students and new gardeners looking get dirty


Let Us Convert Your Dirt

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You could have a thriving garden in your own backyard this summer with none of the work! Our team of trained volunteers will establish, maintain and harvest while you receive a weekly share of the produce. Find out more here


Get A Weekly Share of Fresh Veggies

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18 weeks of produce grown right in the backyards of your own community! Over 90 varieties of root vegetables, salad greens, alliums, herbs and nightshades you won’t find elsewhere.  Find out more here


Join Our Internship & Volunteer Program  

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Six-month farming curriculum for those who love working outdoors and getting their hands dirty. No experience required, six-month farming curriculum with in-garden tutorials. Find out more here