What Christopher Is Looking Forward to Most This Season

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We’re gearing up for another exciting season at Cultivate Toronto and though it would be a good time to share with the community things I’m really looking forward to…


Our Returning Land Shares

Almost all land shares are returning! That’s’ a great show of support for our produce and volunteers that land sharers want to keep growing with us.  As well, it allows us to get to work right away on land we’ve already converted, so we can get ready for early season planting.

We’re on schedule for our first pick up by the end of May or early June!

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New & Improved Crop List

We did a survey of our members and are bringing back their favourites like kale, Swiss chard, different salad greens while keep things interesting with some new tomato varieties.

Don’t worry, we’ll continue to offer heirloom tomatoes as well as new verities like blue tomatoes! These beauties were cultivated by cross-pollination by Oregon State University. I’m pretty excited about getting this growing and seeing them in the yard!

Check out the full 2013 Crop List here

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Our Amazing Team

During offseason, we expanded our board of directors so we can continue to focus on our strategic direction while we plan for the medium and long term. So, you can look forward to brining you fresh vegetables in the future!

Our Dovercourt hub is participating in an interesting pilot program for the David Suzuki Foundation. The concept is to establish a Homegrown National Park in an urban area. It’s exciting to see them taking a step to recognizing urban areas as a source for nature and natural habitat, not only people but plants and animals as well.

Finally, we have a great new team of hub coordinators and interns that will be responsible for managing and maintaining the gardens.

Looking forward to another great year of urban farming!