From Our Gardens – Meet Our Interns Melissa, Jude, and Chelsea


Photo Credit: Iris Chan

 From CTO’s East York Hub – Meet Melissa

Why CTO?

Melissa became a CTO intern because she was interested in growing local food. “I wanted to grow food where I lived”, she said. Her interest in CSA brought her to gain new gardening skills which she has been putting to practice in our East York gardens.

Favourite Vegetable: Basil

Favourite Vegetable to grow: While interning with Cultivate Toronto, she become a fan of tomatoes.

Garden Tip: Use Mulch

From CTO’s Dovercourt Garden – Meet Jude

Why CTO?

Jude wanted to make urban farming a social activity and joined CTO to get gardening experience.

Favourite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favourite Vegetable to grow: Tomatoes to make delicious pasta sauce.

Gardening Tip: Always try and maintain tomato plants by taking off the suckers. Remove any extras from the bottom so they grow vertical.

From  CTO’s Dovercourt Garden – Meet Chelsea

Why CTO?

Chelsea wanted to get more involved with the local food movement. When she discovered CTO it seemed; “a good match”. At the time of joining CTO, Chelsea was interested in getting crafty with her food and frequented her local farmers market

Favourite Vegetable: She was most excited for beans because they were “great to snack on” and tomatoes since there are different types and can be used in different ways.

Favourite Vegetable to grow: Tomatoes, zucchini, and beans.

Garden Tip: Remove the sucker so that the energy goes back into growing tomatoes

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