Our Community Managers


Sabrina Rafiq – Community Relationship Manager

Sabrina is a graduate from Brock University with a degree in human geography and environmental studies. An environmental enthusiast at heart who has volunteered with many different organizations that deal with sustainability, she can’t wait to put her experience and knowledge to the test with Cultivate Toronto.

Our Staff


Madeline Boyce – Volunteer Coordinator

Madeline is a graduate of the University of Toronto majoring in Political Science. Her focus over the past several years has been on the politics of climate change. Her love of home grown organic produce came from working in her large backyard vegetable garden each year in her hometown of Halifax, NS.



Iris Chan – Photo/Video Specialist

Iris is usually the lone wolf who prescribes to sustainable living and practices. So she’s very excited to find people of her own ilk. As a child she used to get shooed from the garden as she could be found kicking the soccer ball into the tomatoes. But she grew to appreciate the deliciousness that her grandma and mom would harness from the earth. So much so, that no matter where she lived in the world, she would always plant a little garden.



Laura Nelson-Hamilton – Workshop / Events Coordinator

Laura grew up in Stratford, ON, and resided in Fredericton, NB, and St. John’s, NL, while completing her university degrees. Laura has had the pleasure of working with Meal Exchange, the Toronto Food Policy Council, Food Education Action St. John’s, and the Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador. Interested in supporting the ongoing development of CTO initiatives and campaigns, Laura plans to make some delectable To Do lists and can’t wait to see what this season will bring.



Bharath Mortha – Finance Coordinator

Bharath graduated from the University of Pondicherry with a Major in Finance. He is passionate about travelling and loves nature, beaches, and green gardens. Bharath enjoys photography during his travels and in leisure times, and he is looking forward to reconnecting with the community and excited about the opportunity to develop new experiences with admiration for home-grown food.


Operations Manager Jackie Fleischer

Jackie Fleischer – Operations Manager

Jackie grew up in Toronto but studied, traveled and worked in Vancouver, the UK and Spain before coming back to her hometown in 2013. She holds a MSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of British Columbia. Jackie loves the outdoors and being connected to nature, part of the reason she enjoys gardening, working in the earth, and being a member of the exceptional organization and community that is Cultivate Toronto.


Veronica Troy, Intern Coordinator

Veronica Troy – Intern Coordinator

Veronica participated in Cultivate Toronto’s Internship Program back in 2013. This year, thanks to a great experience as an Intern, she is returning as the Internship Coordinator. With a degree in Archaeology, Veronica is no stranger to getting messy and digging in the dirt, and she’s looking forward to a season of food-focused fun (be it planting, harvesting, or eating!). During the day, Veronica works in document analysis and translation, so she’s excited to get outside and spend some time working with her hands while learning and growing (pun definitely intended) with the great community that is the CTO team.



Logan Franklin – Social Media Coordinator

Logan is currently studying at Humber College to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Advertising. His passions include design and exploring all that the city has to offer. He’s excited to be a part of the amazing team at Cultivate Toronto and all the opportunities that are ahead.


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Tiana Milatovic – Community Relationship Manager

I am a graduate from the University of Toronto as a Political Science Specialist. My focus has been community development within the past year and I am incredibly interested in environmental issues and how to improve urban spaces into sustainable environments. I look forward to connecting people through my favourite way – food!

Our Garden Team

Dominic Wong – Hub Coordinator (East York)

Dominic has a degree in Philosophy, a certificate in TESL, and a certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management. He has served on several not-for-profit boards of directors; currently the Toronto Vegetarian Association, where he chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee. He has managed a students’ union, a DIY bike shop, and has worked in the good food sector at Not Far From the Tree, and currently at Community Food Centres Canada. Dominic has also been involved in many grassroots movements, such as the successful Stop the Mega Quarry campaign, and while studying abroad, led a campaign that successfully removed eggs laid by caged hens from the campus stores and cafeterias. It is not only the important work that Cultivate Toronto does to give people hands on growing experience, or the fact that growing hyper-local food is an important sustainable initiative that has kept Dominic involved with this organizations. There is also an amazing, indescribable feeling Dominic gets when he is growing food in a back yard with Cultivate Toronto that makes him happy to be back this season.

Our Founders

Elaine Howarth – Co-Founder

With a decade of experience working within the food movement, it’s safe to say that Elaine has a passion for food security and urban agriculture. She has worked in a number of community gardens, farms and food organizations, including WOOFFing in Belize, FoodShare, Local Food Plus, the Green Oasis Community Garden, and Trent’s greenroof. She most recently returned from 5 months in Nairobi, Kenya, where she worked with young entrepreneurs exploring urban agriculture based businesses. She is excited to be back in Toronto just in time for the growing season, and meeting all the amazing people working in food and farming!


Chris Wong – Co-Founder

Chris is a graduate of Queen’s University and helps to make gardening fun and rewarding. He believes in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and is always up for a challenge. He is active in the food world as a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council and has been a guest speaker for a variety of local food organizations. He is also the co-founder and director of Young Urban Farmers Ltd., which provides private, edible landscaping and vegetable gardening services.