Are you passionate about locally grown, healthy food? Do you want to learn how to grow it yourself? Are you eager to face a challenging experience? Do you want to make a real difference in the community?


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Cultivate Toronto Internship Program


If you answered yes to these questions, then Cultivate Toronto’s internship program is for you. We have developed a five to six-month farming curriculum for those who love working outdoors and getting their hands dirty in the name of growing vegetables. No experience is required as you will be working with other interns and volunteers under the guidance of an experienced gardener for six to ten hours per week from April to October. Join our team to learn everything there is to know about sustainable urban agriculture with in-garden tutorials:

  • choosing the right crops to match the garden characteristics and climate conditions
  • working effectively with all types of soil; maintaining soil health; amending soil nutrient levels
  • preparing the gardens and beds; planning the layout; direct seeding and transplanting
  • trellising and staking, pruning and thinning, weeding, and watering
  • managing pests organically
  • harvesting produce
  • saving seeds for next year

Testimonials from past interns:

“The gardens came to be a place where excitement about food was commonplace. I was part of a community. Additionally, the experience was great for all of the knowledge I gained about the variety of plant species and how to care for them. – Laura, 2011 internship participant, Wychwood hub

“The greatest benefit I gained was the friends I made and an increased desire to become more connected to the foods I eat.” – Romtin, 2011 internship participant, Lawrence Park North hub

“I think the greatest benefit for me was the exposure to the functioning of a community garden in the broadest sense. I had very little previous experience, and I found it an excellent way for me to build confidence for future gardening endeavours.” – Mike, 2011 internship participant, Riverdale hub

“I came away feeling that I learned a lot about gardening and a lot about myself. The work also enhanced my appreciation of farmers and all the hard work that they do.” – Tara, 2011 internship participant, Lawrence Park North hub

“I came into the program knowing next to nothing about plants and agriculture and came out feeling knowledgeable, confident, and ready to learn more next season. I look forward to volunteering next year and watching the gardens transform again.” – Riona, 2012 internship participant, East York hub

“Everyone was so friendly, open, and helpful, and the whole atmosphere was a joy to participate in. I loved that everyone was there because they wanted to be, and everyone brought a different set of skills and perspective to the group. This goes all the way up the chain – even the guys running the show who stopped by from time to time just seemed so genuinely cheerful and ready to welcome us and answer our questions.” – Diana, 2013 internship participant, Wychwood hub