COME ONE, COME ALL! We are officially opening our shares to the public!
Please contact Chris at or at 416-238-5715 to find out more.


As a shareholder, you will participate in our program by receiving a weekly share of local produce that is picked up over an approximate 18 week growing season (plus or minus one or two weeks depending on produce availability). Please feel free to browse through our sales package: YUFCSA Presentation 2010.

We want to distinguish ourselves from other sources of freshly grown produce by choosing a variety of interesting heirloom and organic varieties you won’t normally find in the grocery store or at many farmers markets. You’ll still be able to recognize all of the produce that we grow (such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, etc), but the specific varieties of these vegetables will be unique and interesting. For example, we’re going to be growing purple carrots, tomatillos, blue beans, sprouting broccoli, kale, small summer squash, and many more interesting varieties. If you want to see all of the varieties we are planning on growing, you can find the links to our produce on our website.


Plus, all of our produce is going to be harvested either the morning you pick up your share or the night before since we don’t have the facilities to store the harvested produce. You can’t get much fresher than that!

The cost of participating will be on a sliding scale, from $350-$450 for the entire 2010 growing season. We ask that as a participant, you contribute what you can according to your financial needs and abilities as we are operating this on a cost-recovery basis. For this amount, you will receive an approximate 18 weeks of produce, a weekly newsletter, as well as opportunities to participate in our summer workshops.

Please contact Chris at or at 416-238-5715 to sign up as a shareholder or to find out more.