YUF CSA Featured on CBC Radio!

CBC Here and Now

CBC Here and Now

Young Urban Farmers CSA was recently featured on CBC Radio’s “Here and Now” on 99.1 FM! Interviewed by food columnist Sarah Elton, here’s your chance to learn more about what we’re doing this upcoming 2010 season! Please click here for the link to our audio file or watch below!

Here is an excerpt from the program:

” Urban agriculture is really starting to capture the imagination of Torontonians. In neighbourhoods across the city, people are figuring out different ways of producing food here. There are people tapping maple trees to make syrup, community gardens are becoming more and more popular, and now a group of young people are getting really creative with food in the city.

Our food columnist Sarah Elton is here to tell us about the exciting new project called Young Urban Farmers’ CSA (community shared agriculture), a group of people in their twenties who are dedicating themselves to growing food in the city to feed people by planting vegetable beds in backyards across the city.

But not their own backyards, they are borrowing backyards from people who want to help out and invigorate urban agriculture in Toronto. So the Young Urban Farmers will grow food for their members, as well as for the people who own the land, because if you donate your backyard, you are also given a share of the food that is grown “