Community shared agriculture (CSA) isn’t a new concept or idea; it has been around for several decades and comes in all shapes and sizes. In essence, a CSA program allows farmers to receive a set fee (from you, the consumer) for the growing season. In exchange, you receive a weekly share of freshly grown, local produce for you and your family to enjoy, as well as sharing in risks due to weather and other factors beyond our control.

In the community supported agriculture structure, every member of the relationship benefits: the shareholders, the farmers, the farms (the Earth), and the greater community. This is what separates it from the traditional farming method and why it is suited for an urban program like Cultivate Toronto.

There are a few ways to join the harvest with Cultivate Toronto, whether by volunteering your land or by becoming a shareholder participant, get on board with a new revolution in eating, growing, and contributing responsibly to a better environment.

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